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What are your plans for Movember?  

In our last article, we touched briefly on Movember – what it is & the awareness it creates for Men’s Mental Health, a topic that is still not spoken on enough, in our opinion! So, continuing from this, we thought we’d give you our top 3 ideas for fun things to do in the studio for the month of Movember, to raise awareness & money for this great cause!  

close-up photo of man with mustache

Yes of course, the tradition is to grow a moustache and some teams will host competitions for the best and worst grown, however, we wanted to get a little more creative so, here are our top 3 ideas for you:  

  1. Charity Game Development: Challenge your studio to develop a small, fun game related to mustaches and men’s health. This could be a simple mobile game or a web-based game. The game can be made available for free or at a low cost, with all proceeds going to Movember charities. 
  1. Gaming Tournament Fundraiser: Host an internal gaming tournament within the studio, where employees can participate in their favourite games. Participants can donate to enter the tournament, and the studio can match a portion of the entry fees. The proceeds can then be donated to Movember. 
  1. Gaming for Charity Streams: Encourage employees to host charity gaming streams on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook Gaming. During these streams, they can discuss Movember, share facts about men’s health, and encourage viewers to donate. Studio management can also contribute to the cause by matching a percentage of the donations. 

If you’re slammed with a heavy workload and need something quicker & easier than those suggestions above, a simple one is also – a Game-Themed Mustache Day: Pick a day in November where everyone in the studio wears mustaches inspired by their favourite video game characters. Host a contest for the most accurate or creative game-themed mustaches, and offer prizes or recognition to the winners. 

At the end of the day, it doesn’t entirely matter what you & your team do if awareness for this great cause is being raised & we are TALKING about men’s mental health!